Love and Beauty Among the Ruins (The Late Start: Advantage #2)


So you’re still worried about that late start as a writer.  I mean, what’s the point, right? Aren’t we running out of time? Time to write something big or something important?

I suppose it all has to do with what is important to you. Is fame important? Is it necessary to have a huge following or to gain acclaim before you die? It would be nice, I’m sure, but not everyone is going to achieve this – even those with remarkable talent.

For me, the thought that keeps me going is that I still have a lot to say to my family and friends and I find it’s easier to express these things through my writing than sitting down with them for long talks. I have things I want to say to my children, the lessons I’ve learned, but some of these things they are not ready to hear. First of all, they are young and they may understand the things about aging that I’ve told them about now, but they are far from experiencing them. I would like to leave them something for a time when I may not be there to reassure them.

There are things I want my husband to know. He knows I love him because I’ve told him, but then there are things that difficult to express – such as how his love healed me from a difficult childhood. It’s there in my first novel and hopefully I can express more of that in future stories.

I want my children to understand their father and my love for him and them in a way they that a story can express so much better than hearing it directly from me now.  I do tell them, of course, but there is a deeper process and meaning of family life that is hard to express in everyday conversations.

I have so much I want to tell them. And if I can pass those things along to a few other persons – friends and family that I know now and friends I hope to gain from making a connection to complete strangers through my art – then that is a plus as well.

In short, let your love and wisdom come through in your writing. Write for those you know and love and you will also write for those you may never know, but may need and appreciate your effort.

[The previous post Advantage #1 is here.]




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