I chose “fey” as my first word in this new Feature (Words) because I’ve always loved the lyrical and mysterious quality of it and because it’s a word on the brink of disappearing from our vocabulary.

Many people think fey means odd or eccentric in a mentally deranged way – and it can be – but it can also indicate a supernatural connection. The Scottish meaning is also mysterious and full of our darkest fears of death and dying.

I prefer the first meaning over the second, but however you use it in writing, it usually indicates your character is of Celtic ethnicity.

Bing definition:
Fey [fā]

feyer (comparative adjective) · feyest (superlative adjective)
giving an impression of vague unworldliness:
“his mother was a strange, fey woman”

 having supernatural powers of clairvoyance.

fated to die or at the point of death:
“now he is fey, he sees his own death, and I see it too”

For more on this word see also:

Merriam Webster : Fey


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