Art For Non-Artists – Part II

In yesterday’s post Art for Non-Artists I described the process of creating the image below from paper and pen through Adobe’s Photoshop and Artrage.



Today I was adding some new brushes and gradients to my Photoshop presets. While I was doing this I decided to add some color to yesterday’s picture.

Gradients are a wonderful way to add color to pen and pencil drawings. These are simple blue gradients below. The difference in effect is dramatic – one bold and one soothing.


This is the same picture with a more colorful gradient combination of green-blue-yellow:


This picture has the most colorful gradient of all, but this time I also played with the Vibrancy and Hue settings.



There are also other effects called “styles” which add other types of texture effects to your picture. Below is one of my favorites which I used on the dark blue picture above to give it a halo effect:




So, you see that doodling around with a few of the tools available through Photoshop you can make some incredible and beautiful designs – even when you are a “non-artist”.

So again- start doodling! And add something new to your work.


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