WORDS: Quotidian

“Quotidian” is on the list of words every (working writer) should know. I find this amusing as I can’t remember hearing it in years.

It’s one of those words that could get you into trouble if you use it in quotidian places of business. Are you praising or belittling something when you call it quotidian? How do you work that into a phone conversation without sounding pretentious?

I ask you, is the word “quotidian” quotidian?  😉

However, if you want to be an art critic, political commentator,  opinion maker, or just sound like you know what you’re talking about, I suggest you add this word to your writer’s box of tricks.

Bing’s definition:

quo·tid·i·an [kwōˈtidēən]

of or occurring every day; daily:
“the car sped noisily off through the quotidian traffic”

ordinary or everyday, especially when mundane:
“his story is an achingly human one, mired in quotidian details”

synonyms: daily · everyday · day-to-day · diurnal · ordinary · average · run-of-the-mill · everyday · standard · typical · middle-of-the-road · common · conventional · mainstream

denoting the malignant form of malaria.


If you want to learn more about this word check out the online dictionary link below:

Merriam Webster : quotidian


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