AFNA: Today’s ZenTangle: Defying Gravity


I’ve had a bear of a work schedule (The Day Job) this week.  So, here’s a cheerful doodle encouragement for today.

I’ve been calling this category of posts “Art for Non Artists”, but I hope you all know I believe everyone has some artistic talent. Many people give up on art because they either don’t have confidence or don’t know where to start. Art does take time, practice and encouragement but everyone can produce charming and colorful pictures with a little instruction.

On that note, one of the fun things about creating doodles is that gravity and other rules of nature need not apply. So, don’t worry if you can’t figure out perspective and light sources and shading for now. Think of yourself as a child starting out. Children are fearless in their drawings. If you want to put a sun at the bottom of your drawing – do it!

In this doodle I turned a zen doodle called Printemps into a sun. Then I added a bunch of squiggly lines and dots. After that, I ran it through Photoshop and added this lovely color gradient. I think it works. Why? I have no idea. I suspect experimentation is at the heart of art as much as practice.

Notice the partitions or segments of patterns inside the larger wavy rectangle. ZenTanglers call these partions “strings.” They are simply random lines inside your rectangle frame which you draw and then decide what doodle patterns you want. There are no rules. Sometimes the patterns you choose work into something interesting, sometimes not. That’s what practice teaches you – what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to “fail.” Don’t like what you made? Get a fresh sheet of paper or new digital page and start again.

Remember everyone has a right to doodle.  Be childlike. 🙂


For more information on what a ZenTangle is, go HERE.

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