Eclipse from Texas!

It was a spectacular show across the country and we had a little bit of fun here in Texas, too.  I’m a bit behind in posting, so I’ll just share the photos from today.

I walked outside as the eclipse was occurring and saw these shadows on the ground. The light diffused from the Pecan trees showed the partial eclipse we experienced perfectly.





So, I ran inside to create a pinprick projector out of two index cards. I put some holes in the top car with a needle and you can see that the shadow matches the ones created by the leaves on my driveway and everywhere else the shadows fell.


20170821_133552 (1)

And then the show was over and the shadows returned to normal.




The next Solar Eclipse that crosses the US will have it’s totality in middle of Texas (2024). Looking forward to that with the kids and grandkids (who were too little to enjoy this one).  Hope I’m still blogging  and writing then. We’ll see. 😉


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