Art for Non-Artists: Gemstones

Today’s doodle features my first gemstone.  Gemstones are a fun addition to Zen Doodling (or tangling). And so I thought I’d give it a try.

There are many fine tutorials on the internet on how to make gemstones (with traditional materials). Here’s one of them:

My result is not as accomplished as the artist above, but I am happy with my first attempt shown below:



This was created on my Samseung tablet using the Artrage app ($4.99) – in under 2 hours (a lot of trial and error). I used a MEKO Disc Stylus Pen (Amazon) and my finger at times – I don’t have a steady hand like as I used to.

The colors are vivid and I didn’t have to adjust them in Photoshop (as I often do with the PC version of Artrage). However, I did crop it for the final version. Keep in mind that are plenty of cropping tools for free on most tablets or picture apps.

So, this is the final cropped image:


For this image I used the paintbrush, knife, eraser, paintbucket and ink pen tools in the Artrage app and 2 layers. I created the gemstone first and then added the background on a separate layer.

Downside to the app: There are not as many presets as in the Artrage PC version (which isn’t as cheap, but not outrageously expensive either). Still, it’s pretty good for an android app. I’m sure someone with better art skills than I could do a lot more with it.

So, give it a try. Remember – doodling is for everyone (even non-artists). 😉

For more information on what a ZenTangle is, go HERE.

For more on posts on Art for Non Artists (AFNA), go HERE.









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