Art for Non-Artists: Henna Leaves


I accidentally overwrote this post, so I am reposting the photos and will try to fill in the instructions as I wrote them.

I was interested in the little leaves I’ve seen in in Henna designs. They are formed by starting a distance away from the vine. Below I drew a step-out for you to follow.



Henna leaves

This is the design I drew using the leaves. I found a similar pattern online looking through henna pictures.


Then I took a cell phone photo of it and cleaned it up in Photoshop. Below is the inverse picture which is also pretty. After cleaning it up, I saved it as a jpeg file and imported into Artrage where I added the colors above using the fill tool to create the final image (first photo in post).

little picture invert


So, even a little doodle like this can add interest to your posts – sometimes less is more.


For more on posts on Art for Non Artists (AFNA), go HERE.



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