Art for Non-Artists: Henna Leaves

Today’s Doodle:


I’ve been wanting to add these little leaves I’ve seen in Henna designs. I don’t think I’ve seen them in any Zen doodle designs so I’m just going to call them Henna Leaves.

They are interesting because you begin them a short distance away from the vine instead of starting from the vine. They look like rain-drops or tear drops, but they bend left or right depending on which side of the vine they are to rest on.

Henna leaves.jpg

I don’t have a lot of time to doodle, but  I managed to do this before I went to work today. First I drew it out with Micron pens (.01 and .005) on the back of an index card. (Index cards are perfect for practicing designs and I don’t feel guilty using a lot of them as they are inexpensive and easy to carry around in my purse. I do have a sketch books for larger designs when I have more time.)


Then I clean it up in Photoshop. Here’s the same image inverted in Photoshop. It’s pretty cool too.

little picture invert


I did the coloring in Artrage and then brightened the colors again in Photoshop. The final result is the first picture up at the beginning of the post. Here it is again:



For more information on what a ZenTangle is, go HERE.

For more on posts on Art for Non Artists (AFNA), go HERE.



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