Why  choose a pen name?

To put one’s thoughts out for the world to see can be a bit brutal at times. It’s said that you haven’t made it until you cause a significant number of people to become so angry with something you’ve written that they will search you out to tell you so. So, I figured that when I see someone praise “Alexis Saey” as a great, wonderful, creative writer, I can say to myself, “Oh, that’s me!” And when I see someone take her down in troll-worthy style I can say, “Oh, that poor woman.” You have to have a thick skin to write, but why not add a little more protection?

Starting late in life:  I find it amusing when I read about how a popular author published his first novel “late in life” at age 38 or 42 or even 54. I’m past those ages now, so is it too late? I think it’s important to remember that the average life span has increased so greatly that a person 60 or 70 or even 80 has the possibility of many years of writing ahead of him (or her).

What am I doing here?: This website is where I will update my readers about all my projects and,  of course,  I will provide links to my titles as they are completed. It is also a blog dedicated to those who want to write, but worry (like me) that they have begun too late in life. Hopefully, they and others (no matter what age) will find in this space a source of inspiration to get started.

Today is as good as any day to get started. 

Thanks for stopping by.


Alexis Seay