I am back

So after a long break, I am working on some new stories.  I am also reworking this website.

I’m not sure of my posting schedule at the moment, but I will try to not be a stranger to my own site. 🙂

Best Laid Plans…February Fail

So, figuring I’d have more time to blog with this new job, I predicted that I’d be here more than I have. Seems I spoke too soon.

It turned out I do have more time and energy, but I also had such a large back load of things that needed to be done at home (plus a few minor family crises), that I haven’t been able to live up to my new resolution.

However, I have been writing and working on new things, so let’s see if March turns out to be a better blogging month. I’m going to give it my best shot. 🙂



My About page is up!


Why choose a pen name?

To put one’s thoughts out for the world to see can be a bit brutal at times. It’s said that you haven’t made it until you cause a significant number of people to be so angry with something you said that they will search you out to tell you so. So, I figured that when I see someone praise “Alexis Saey” as a great, wonderful, creative writer, I can say to myself, “Oh, that’s me!” And when I see someone take her down in troll-worthy style I can say, “Oh, that poor woman.” You have to have a thick skin to write – why not add a little more protection?

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