Re: Why you should never say “It’s not my job” (even when it’s not).

… from the office of MOM

Watching some young people (you know who you are) out in the working world, I sometimes wonder where their parents are. Then I wonder where my bosses are. . .

I understand that the concept that “the customer is always right” is no longer taught in many workplaces, however, I think that the expression has gotten a bad rap (I know I’m dating myself here). It doesn’t mean – and has never meant – that the customer gets his/her own way all the time. And there is a reason why it’s good for you, the employee, to learn rules that seem counterintuitive in the beginning.

Here was the scene at the grocery store last week: I was bagging for a 20-something cashier who was telling a customer that she had picked up the wrong item for the coupon she wanted to use. The customer said something to her that I couldn’t quite hear, but began with: “You should…”

At this point, the cashier threw her head back and snapped, “That’s not my department.”
The situation escalated as the customer angrily snatched back her coupon from the cashier’s hand. The cashier responded with, “So rude.”

The next few minutes were very uncomfortable for everyone as the groceries were bagged up. Then the customer left in silence.

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