How The Fates Fell Out

“So, as I said to Avery, the sisters got tired of all that spinning, weaving and cutting… and quite frankly they were sick of each other. Imagine spending all your time in your living room – all day, every day – never going anywhere?”

[Author’s Note: This is an excerpt from The Year of the Numen.]

The Three Moirai – by By Johann Gottfried Schadow

“Hey, if it’s story time, tell Avery to call the shuttle, then we can all hear about it together.” Steve [the shuttle’s driver] said as he turned on the shuttle’s phone system. A minute later, they could all see Avery on the screen above the front window looking down on them.

He held up his coffee mug to them and said, “Live from New York…”

Hello, Avery!” everyone shouted at the screen.

“Quiet down, everyone,” Steve called out. “Olivia is going to tell us a story about the Fates splitting up.”
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The Year of the Numen

As promised, I am working on a free content story for my website.  The page is up and the cover artwork done. The summary for the story is below. Stay tuned for more updates.

The Year of the Numen1website

Avery is an atheist who sought satisfaction and happiness in his work and life. Disillusioned with both, he finds himself wondering if he has achieved anything of value.

Olivia believes in the supernatural, but has had her own disappointments with religion. She finds her faith has changed and wonders what she still believes in.

On the threshold of old age, the two cousins renew their friendship and begin a text correspondence during Olivia’s daily excursion by bus to her new job.

Avery, bored with his own work, asks Olivia to tell him a story as she used to do when they were children. She obliges him with the tale of The Year of the Numen.