Evergreen Files

I have planned three (possibly four) novels for the adventures of Leighton and Eliot Randall.  The first is published below under the title: The Evergreen Gambit and is available on Kindle at Amazon.

The second book will be titled Counterplay and will be available out by next spring (2018). Updates on its progress will be posted on my blog. Stay tuned.

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While posing undercover as a wealthy philanthropist, an intelligence officer runs into trouble during a promotional tour of his foundation. On the final night of the tour a member of his staff is injured in a stage accident. The young woman’s disappearance and mysterious reappearance weeks later indicate there is a saboteur at work in his organization.

Working to contain the situation, Eliot Randall must investigate what happened to Leighton Hayes and determine how vulnerable his world-wide covert operations are to exposure. In the process of his investigation, Eliot discovers that his feelings toward Leighton have changed. Torn between his job and his desire to protect Leighton, he must find a way to keep from losing both.