Art for Non-Artists: Creating text messages as art: Avery’s First Text

Avery's first text
Avery’s First Text Message to Olivia


Today I am going to discuss using text messages as an art form.


Olivia (Year of the Numen) has a lot going on in her life which she keeps to herself.  Because of the format, I have to write short, compelling conversations. This will force me, as the author, to not get side tracked for too  long into these side stories and yet fill in some background about the main characters. I plan to sprinkle the text of the story with snippets of Olivia’s text exchanges.

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Art for Non-Artists: Phicops

Today’s Doodle:

Doodled on my Samsung tablet after watching Ellen Wolters’ Youtube channel. (see link below).  I’m very shaky on the tablet (well, shakier than pen and paper), but I still like the result.


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Art for Non-Artists: Henna Leaves


I accidentally overwrote this post, so I am reposting the photos and will try to fill in the instructions as I wrote them.

I was interested in the little leaves I’ve seen in in Henna designs. They are formed by starting a distance away from the vine. Below I drew a step-out for you to follow.



Henna leaves

This is the design I drew using the leaves. I found a similar pattern online looking through henna pictures.


Then I took a cell phone photo of it and cleaned it up in Photoshop. Below is the inverse picture which is also pretty. After cleaning it up, I saved it as a jpeg file and imported into Artrage where I added the colors above using the fill tool to create the final image (first photo in post).

little picture invert


So, even a little doodle like this can add interest to your posts – sometimes less is more.


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Art for Non-Artists: Gemstones

Today’s doodle features my first gemstone.  Gemstones are a fun addition to Zen Doodling (or tangling). And so I thought I’d give it a try.

There are many fine tutorials on the internet on how to make gemstones (with traditional materials). Here’s one of them:

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Today’s Zen Doodle…AFNA: Less is (Sometimes) More

Today’s doodle.

This design is called “Creator Leaf.”  I think it’s very pretty all by itself – as if it’s floating in the sea.


That’s all for today – it’s been a very long week.


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