The Year of the Numen

As promised, I am working on a free content story for my website.  The page is up and the cover artwork done. The summary for the story is below. Stay tuned for more updates.

The Year of the Numen1website

Avery is an atheist who sought satisfaction and happiness in his work and life. Disillusioned with both, he finds himself wondering if he has achieved anything of value.

Olivia believes in the supernatural, but has had her own disappointments with religion. She finds her faith has changed and wonders what she still believes in.

On the threshold of old age, the two cousins renew their friendship and begin a text correspondence during Olivia’s daily excursion by bus to her new job.

Avery, bored with his own work, asks Olivia to tell him a story as she used to do when they were children. She obliges him with the tale of The Year of the Numen.




I chose “fey” as my first word in this new Feature (Words) because I’ve always loved the lyrical and mysterious quality of it and because it’s a word on the brink of disappearing from our vocabulary.

Many people think fey means odd or eccentric in a mentally deranged way – and it can be – but it can also indicate a supernatural connection. The Scottish meaning is also mysterious and full of our darkest fears of death and dying.

I prefer the first meaning over the second, but however you use it in writing, it usually indicates your character is of Celtic ethnicity.

Bing definition:
Fey [fā]

feyer (comparative adjective) · feyest (superlative adjective)
giving an impression of vague unworldliness:
“his mother was a strange, fey woman”

 having supernatural powers of clairvoyance.

fated to die or at the point of death:
“now he is fey, he sees his own death, and I see it too”

For more on this word see also:

Merriam Webster : Fey


The Evergreen Gambit at Amazon!

Finally, after six months of reworking this title, the second edition is now up at Amazon. Click on the link below to go to the Amazon link.


A charismatic undercover intelligence officer, posing as a wealthy philanthropist, runs into trouble while on a promotional tour for his charitable foundation. A stage accident injuring one of his senior staff members, her disappearance and mysterious reappearance cause concern that there is a saboteur among his staff.

Working to contain the situation, Eliot Randall must investigate what happened to Leighton Hayes and determine how vulnerable his world-wide covert operations are to exposure. In the process of his investigation, Eliot discovers that his feelings toward Leighton have changed. Torn between his job and his desire to protect Leighton, he must find a way to keep from losing both.