Evergreen Files: UPDATE


Still making progress on the second book in the series: Counterplay. In the meantime I will be making chapters available on my website. These can be accessed as pages in the dropdown menu on the home page of this website.

Today I have added the Prologue for The Evergreen Gambit  HERE and the prologue to Counterplay HERE.


Still looking at a spring release of Counterplay on Amazon. Fingers crossed!


Evergreen Files: Counterplay

Evergreen Files Counterplay cover

I am making steady on the sequel to The Evergreen Gambit. The working title is Counterplay. I still have some scenes to work out, but the outline is done and the (never ending) editing process has begun.

I’ve changed the cover and title several times already. Hopefully, this is the final cover edition.  Still, thank goodness for Photoshop if I do change my mind again. It makes life so much easier for writers.

This sequel addresses some questions that were left as unfinished mysteries in the first novel. Why was it so important for Eliot to be at the Sochi Olympics?  Why was Eliot spending so much time communicating with his ex-wife, Alyona Hubba? Why did it all have to do with Russian politics?

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The Evergreen Gambit at Amazon!

Finally, after six months of reworking this title, the second edition is now up at Amazon. Click on the link below to go to the Amazon link.


A charismatic undercover intelligence officer, posing as a wealthy philanthropist, runs into trouble while on a promotional tour for his charitable foundation. A stage accident injuring one of his senior staff members, her disappearance and mysterious reappearance cause concern that there is a saboteur among his staff.

Working to contain the situation, Eliot Randall must investigate what happened to Leighton Hayes and determine how vulnerable his world-wide covert operations are to exposure. In the process of his investigation, Eliot discovers that his feelings toward Leighton have changed. Torn between his job and his desire to protect Leighton, he must find a way to keep from losing both.