Art for Non-Artists: Phicops

Today’s Doodle:

Doodled on my Samsung tablet after watching Ellen Wolters’ Youtube channel. (see link below).  I’m very shaky on the tablet (well, shakier than pen and paper), but I still like the result.


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Art for Non-Artists: Gemstones

Today’s doodle features my first gemstone.  Gemstones are a fun addition to Zen Doodling (or tangling). And so I thought I’d give it a try.

There are many fine tutorials on the internet on how to make gemstones (with traditional materials). Here’s one of them:

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Today’s Zen Doodle…AFNA: Less is (Sometimes) More

Today’s doodle.

This design is called “Creator Leaf.”  I think it’s very pretty all by itself – as if it’s floating in the sea.


That’s all for today – it’s been a very long week.


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Today’s ZenTangle Update

I should have been getting some work done, but instead I played around some more with this same design I posted earlier today.

The face added to the design below is a stencil I created some time ago in Art Rage and this is the second time I’ve used it for pictures on this website.

Stencils are wonderful for non-artists because, on the rare occasion I create something that looks good, I can save it and use it anytime I wish.

I plan to do a Art For Non Artists post about stencils in the near future.



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Today’s ZenTangle


Today’s doodle – plus color variations.  🙂

Noise gradient…


Light blue fill…





Deep sea…


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